Recognising the significance of the power supply-demand gap in Nigeria and the profound effect that meeting the demand will have on the country's economy, GML prioritises unleashing Africa's economic potential by optimising gas utilisation.

Processing of
Natural Gas

As part of GML’s resolve to fuel Africa’s future, a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Mother Station was commissioned in Abeokuta with a total installed capacity of about 216,000 scm/daily.

Natural gas processing involves a series of techniques and operations to remove impurities and extract valuable components from raw natural gas. The process includes steps such as dehydration, removal of contaminants like sulfur and carbon dioxide, and the separation of valuable byproducts like natural gas liquids (NGLs). The processed natural gas is then ready for distribution, contributing to various industries and fulfilling energy needs worldwide.

Storage and Delivery of Compressed Natural Gas

The storage and delivery of compressed natural gas (CNG) involves specialized infrastructure and systems designed to safely contain and transport this alternative fuel source. CNG is compressed to high pressures, typically stored in cylinders or tanks, and delivered to our clients in various ways which includes but is not limited to skids/tube cascades, dedicated pipelines, trailers, or mobile refuelling stations. These efficient methods enable CNG to be conveniently transported and utilized for various applications, ranging from vehicle fuelling, various industrial/manufacturing processes, electricity power plants among others, which promotes a healthier environment and helps significantly reduce carbon emissions.


– Lease and management of compressed natural gas tube skids

– Technical competency in managing PRMS and other natural gas equipment.


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