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About us

Quality, Efficiency, Reliability and Impact

Gasco Marine Limited is a leading, premier, fully integrated indigenous gas company that specializes in the production, transportation, storage, processing and sales of natural gas in Nigeria. Founded in 2012, we have, over the last 5+ years quickly evolved our servicing capacity and have focused on expanding our operational capabilities and capacity to drive business growth in Nigeria.

We are a member of the Viathan Group of companies, whose mission is to deliver Energy as a Service. GML is the primary supplier of natural gas to her sister company, Viathan Engineering Limited, a power solution company.

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We are driven by our mission to fuel Nigeria’s development by optimizing the gas value chain and promoting the increased use of natural gas as a cheaper, cleaner and more reliable source of fuel for industry and Commerce.

GML understands the impact the deficit between the supply and demand of power across Nigeria and the impact that adequate demand will have on Nigeria’s economy. Our priority is to unlock Africa’s economic potential through gas optimization, starting first on home soil, here in Nigeria.