We are a leading, fully integrated indigenous gas company that specialises in the production, transportation, storage, processing and sales of natural gas in Nigeria

A subsidiary of the Viathan Group, GML has a unique understanding of the deficit between the supply and demand of gas in Nigeria and the exponential impact that adequate demand will have on Nigeria’s future in the long-term.

Awards and Recognition

In 2018, GML was awarded the Axxela Special Recognition Award for best newcomer

Leadership Team

Our leadership team comprises of proven professionals with over 120 years of combined global industry expertise across the oil and gas sectors

company ethos

We aim to set the standard and become the industry benchmark for quality and affordable service…


Benefits of switching to gas

Paying too much for energy?. Find out how and why you need to bring down your energy costs and the benefits.


Natural gas is one of the world’s safest sources of energy.


Customers can make savings up to 43% by switching to gas.


Natural gas is the cleanest burning hydrocarbon.


Natural gas is abundant and extremely reliable in it’s supply.

“Our commitment is to constantly innovate and evolve new ways through which natural gas will play a role in our everyday lives therefore building the prosperity of every stakeholder and our nation for many generations to come,” – Gasco Marine


News updates

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